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Benefits of VoIP

Ease of installation: Phones are plug and play, simply plug phones into an internet jack and they work. Because your “phone system” is in the cloud or hosted by a service provider, you don’t have to install hardware to control the phones.

Cost Savings: No traditional phone system, means no expensive hardware to purchase and no hiring of a technician to install it. Also, you won’t need to pay that a technician to make changes, make upgrades, add capacity or program your system. Also, domestic long distance is included in the plans.

Feature Rich: VoIP phone systems have all of the features that users desire, many that traditional phone systems weren’t capable of providing. Features such as multi party conferencing, simultaneous ringing, follow me, music on hold, are all available by default.

Mobility: VoIP phones will work anywhere there is an internet connection. Also, apps that mimic your desk phone can be installed onto your mobile phone. You can receive and initiate calls just like being at your desk. Your desk phone will behave exactly as it does in your office, even if you have it plugged in at your home, another state or even another country. You can forward calls to other phones, both wired or mobile at the touch of a button. Do you have multiple locations or employees who work remotely? This is the platform for you!

Advanced Features: An additional benefit of VoIP is that it makes video conferencing far simpler as well. In fact, you can transfer various media formats (images, video, text) during your phone or video calls to dramatically improve your ability to conduct presentations or solve issues on the fly.

Service Mobility: Another great benefit of VoIP is that the entire service is highly mobile. Traditional phone systems require a unique number to be assigned to each line and transferring those numbers can be complicated. VoIP is different. Outgrew your current office or need to change locations? Simply plug your phones in at your new location and your ready to go!

Scalability: With regard to scaling, traditional phone systems required calling a technician and sometimes required additional hardware in the controller. VoIP systems allow you to add a user as you hire a new employee and eliminate phones in the case of downsizing. You’re only ever paying for what you need.

Easy Integration: VoIP phones systems integrate easily with other business platforms that increase productivity. Many providers interface with popular CRM’s, dialers and data extensions.

Greener: Not only do average customers use less hardware and less wiring, many customers use soft phones and VoIP faxes as well. This equates to less energy consumed, less copper used and less paper wasted. Not only is the environmentally friendly, but this saves additional money.

Reliability: This one of VoIP’s biggest benefits. In the past, consumers believed that when a business was without internet, they would have no phone service. With the ability to transfer calls on a whim, allow multiple phones of any type to ring simultaneously, and conduct all of this from a mobile device, VoIP is extremely flexible and highly reliable!

What’s Next?

If the above list has given you confidence in the benefits of VoiP Phone Service, please feel free to contact ZFG for a quote today. You can be using your new phones within days!