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Working Capital for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is a diverse industry. From automotive suppliers, tool and die shops, and steel heat treatment plants, to organic soap manufacturers, furniture manufacturers / wholesalers and football helmet manufacturers, we’ve provided creative and flexible working capital for all of these – and many more. And, because manufacturing is such a diverse industry, we know each of you need different financial support. Fortunately, we can provide the financial help you need to help you manage your business growth.

Fast, Flexible, and Competitive Financing

From timely, easy-access funding, to flexible, creative support services, ZFG works with a diverse lender pool that provides working capital that can help with:

  • Expansion / Acquisition / Growth
  • Restructuring / Refinancing
  • Turnarounds
  • Recapitalization
  • Receipt of supplier discounts through better payment terms, purchase of larger quantities, and quicker payment

ZFG’s manufacturing finance solutions and services are custom-made to help you achieve maximum front-and-back office efficiency with minimum effort so you can focus on servicing your clients – and run your operations smoothly.