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Rx Fund Assist™

Supply Side Partner Program

As a vendor or supplier, we can help you with slow paying clients who are on COD or credit hold. The Rx Fund Assist™ program can help re-establish or save a client who may otherwise be lost or written off.

  • Re-establish customer relationships
  • Clean up delinquencies
  • Supplement your inside credit facility
  • Reduce credit card risk & charge offs
  • Get paid in DAYS… not months!

Our Story

Rx Fund Assist™ partnered with Zimco Financial Group merging pharmacy trade individuals with expert funding specialists to address the critical needs pharmacy owners are experiencing today. We have personally experienced all of the difficult challenges pharmacies face and understand your needs.

With the current uncertain reimbursement environment based on DIR fees, reimbursement compression and vendor pay issues, we have solutions in place to successfully navigate through these challenges and allow you to continue to focus on your business.